[][src]Struct actix_web::web::PathConfig

pub struct PathConfig { /* fields omitted */ }

Path extractor configuration

use actix_web::web::PathConfig;
use actix_web::{error, web, App, FromRequest, HttpResponse};

#[derive(Deserialize, Debug)]
enum Folder {
    #[serde(rename = "inbox")]
    #[serde(rename = "outbox")]

// deserialize `Info` from request's path
fn index(folder: web::Path<Folder>) -> String {
    format!("Selected folder: {:?}!", folder)

fn main() {
    let app = App::new().service(
            .data(PathConfig::default().error_handler(|err, req| {


impl PathConfig[src]

pub fn error_handler<F>(self, f: F) -> Self where
    F: Fn(PathError, &HttpRequest) -> Error + Send + Sync + 'static, 

Set custom error handler

Trait Implementations

impl Default for PathConfig[src]

impl Clone for PathConfig[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)1.0.0[src]

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for PathConfig

impl Sync for PathConfig

impl Send for PathConfig

impl !UnwindSafe for PathConfig

impl !RefUnwindSafe for PathConfig

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