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The actix prelude.

The purpose of this module is to alleviate imports of many common actix traits by adding a glob import to the top of actix heavy modules:

use actix::prelude::*;


pub use crate::fut::ActorFuture;
pub use crate::fut::ActorFutureExt;
pub use crate::fut::ActorStream;
pub use crate::fut::ActorStreamExt;
pub use crate::fut::ActorTryFuture;
pub use crate::fut::ActorTryFutureExt;
pub use crate::fut::WrapFuture;
pub use crate::fut::WrapStream;
pub use crate::registry::ArbiterService;
pub use crate::registry::SystemService;
pub use crate::sync::SyncArbiter;
pub use crate::sync::SyncContext;
pub use crate::actors;
pub use crate::dev;
pub use crate::fut;
pub use crate::io;
pub use crate::utils::Condition;
pub use crate::utils::IntervalFunc;
pub use crate::utils::TimerFunc;


A helper type for representing different types of message responses.

The address of an actor.

An Arbiter represents a thread that provides an asynchronous execution environment for futures and functions.

A handle for sending spawn and stop messages to an Arbiter.

A specialized actor future holder for atomic asynchronous message handling.

An actor execution context.

A helper type that implements the MessageResponse trait.

The Recipient type allows to send one specific message to an actor.

Helper type for representing different type of message responses

A handle to a spawned future.

Actor supervisor

A manager for a per-thread distributed async runtime.

Runner that keeps a System’s event loop alive until stop message is received.


Actor execution state

The errors that can occur during the message delivery process.


Actors are objects which encapsulate state and behavior.

Actor execution context.

Asynchronous execution context.

Helper trait which can spawn a future into the actor’s context.

Describes how to handle messages of a specific type.

Represent message that can be handled by an actor.

A stream of values produced asynchronously.

Stream handling for Actors.

Actors with the ability to restart after failure.

Type Definitions

A specialized actor future for asynchronous message handling.

A specialized future for asynchronous message handling.